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Well, since 2005 I have officially been in the manufacturing business, manufacturing stuff.

That work included a whole lot of ABB robot handling during every hour of the day and night. And if the robots for some reason paused their inexhaustible process of spitting out products, we ...ahem...- “da' gang” - had to transport it elsewhere by forklift.

So in case of the lady at the employment agency is watching this; Yes I do know how to work a forklift by now. Never again.

Forklift passing a bunch of robots
Forklift passing a bunch of robots

However my heart and mind never really belonged to the machines.

You see, at the time I started working with the machines, I had already discovered the potential of web development years before.

Back in 2001 I took quite a few university preparatory classes. They were maths, graphic design and web development classes. At the time ”web development” in high school was equal to HTML and CSS.

I have been been in love with Cascading Style sheets ever since.

Today almost 20 years later I know all about my pros and cons — drawing illustrations being one of my pros.

When I look at myself I see a designer / illustrator / developer (in that order) and I picture myself filling in the blanks - bridging - between pure designers and developers.

To read more about my actual credentials and certificates, jump to the page that’s all about my achievements.

Forklift passing a bunch of robots