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Cosmos Travels

student project from University of borås


This work was part of a university course on interface design. The task was:

Create an interactive Mobile interface

In order to create interactivity in your prototype, you first need to have a “basic picture” of the design that you want to do, for example made in Photoshop or similar drawing tool. Then, you can start developing interactive prototype in one of the following tools: InVision, Ux Pin, or Adobe XD.

Your task is to create an interactive interface for an optional mobile phone that is adapted and developed for a specific client.

However, there are a couple of basic requirements.

  1. The client is the fictitious travel agency Cosmos Travel Agency (CTA). CTA plans to create a new part on its website that provides weather information in order to help their clients to choose their next travel destination. In other words, it is a combination of useful tool and a destination teaser. You need to design interactive mobile application prototype for this specific service.
  2. The provided data on the screen will be a detailed weather data (temperature, wind speed, humidity, forecast, etc.) for a specific, searched place. The idea is that the user should be able to enter a place in a search box and then, get the detailed data for that specific place, which is to be delivered on the the screen, book a travel to that specific (or similar) destination.
  3. What you need to take into account in your design of prototype here is that you need to design a search box, a panel where the weather data can be presented / displayed, and a button to travel booking. The prototype must be interactive and consist of minimum:

    3 pages + Home Page + Contact page + Search box.
    Main menu with links to all pages. Link from each page to the Home Page.
    Booking button (call-to-action) Error feedback message – delivered to the user in case of error.
    The weather application that you create should be visually, structurally, interactively and contextually adapted.

This is what my mentor had to say about my work:

Interface Design Assignment 2 evaluation

Thank you very much for your prototype and your paper. From the developed material one can say that you have arrived at a very good understanding of the prototyping and its role in user interface design.

The prototype your have developed is clean and simple. It serves the purpose and usage is easy. It is obvious that you are quite good and comfortable with using Adobe Xd so you have created many transitions that give quite good representation. Also, you are in general quite good with designing and placing call-to-action but sometime you are not there 100%. For example, if the user is on slide 57 (of 165), how does the user knows that sun icon is interactive? Finally, if one is on the Santa Cruz Es page, I think you could have done a better job of designing “the feeling of” this page. Still, this is a very good, mature job.

When it comes to your paper, you can write really well. But sometimes you forget what is required. For example, one of the requirements were to say something more about the error feedback – which you do mention but not with specific attention. Or, you haven’t said anything about how this could/should be evaluated by the users. While you have developed design principles and interaction types in a very good, and deep way. Please try to balance the text better next time. You did a very good job, why not to have it even better?!

Good work but it could easily have been an excellent work too.

Best regards,