UX Projects

Café Råg

This project was part of my Web Content Manager & Designer education. Main focus
during the whole project was user experience. It did however involve many different steps since the goal was to deliver a complete and functioning website, optimized for the unique users a.k.a the customers of the café.

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Studio 52

This project was part of the class Designing Web Pages. The assignment was to design and build a responsive website. Great emphasis were placed on utilizing design principles upon the prerequisite design work like principles for user experience, usability, accessibility and finally the purposes of the site and its target groups. The strategy to follow was mobile first, meaning additional functionality should be added the larger the viewer screens. The client was fictitious as well as its context, purposes and target groups. The actual website could either be fictitious or created for a real client. In my case, I came up with a fictitious client.

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